Chiropractic Dollar

The 2007 Chiropractic Dollar is 1 oz .999 fine silver and is in a stunning 39 mm proof-like finish. It features Lady Liberty on the front and  Caduceus on the back with "Chiropractic" in bold letters  along the top. Very few left!  Only 1000 were minted.
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<div > The 2011 Chiropractic Dollar is 1 oz .999 fine silver and is in a stunning 39mm satin luster finish.  It features the Healing Hands on the front and Caduceus on the back with the words "Doctor of Chiropractic".

The 2012 Chiropractic Dollar is the first of the Founders of Chiropractic is a 1 oz .999 fine silver and is a stunning 39mm satin luster finish.
It features D.D. Palmer the founder of Chiropractic on the front and Caduceus on the back with the words "Doctor of Chiropractic"
Also in 2012 we have released a Copper version of both the Healing Hands and the D.D. Palmer piece in 39mm 1 oz fine Copper.

The Pre-Production pieces of the D.D. Palmer Chiropractic Dollar In stock and shipping.
<div >This 1 oz. 39mm .999 fine Silver  <div > 


In stock the new 2012 Healing Hands & also the
D.D. Palmer piece in a 1 oz 39mm .999 Fine Copper 

                            2012 Copper Reverse
D.D. Palmer Copper Obverse   Healing Hands Copper Obverse 

               2011 Healing Hands Silver Chiropractic Dollar
Chiropractic Dollar BackChiropractic Dollar Back

Many of your patients will love seeing a personal collectible from your office.

<div >This is truly a unique item that your colleagues will love.  <div >To all C.A.s & C.T.s and patients, this makes a perfect <div >gift for that special Chiropractor in your life. <div >
To all representatives of companies involved in the Chiropractic
profession, these
would make great gifts for give-aways or 
raffles at State conventions or seminars.
 Or these would make
great  gifts for the Chiropractors you work hand-in-hand with.
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Numbered Set

The above photo is of the First Day Issue of the
2007 Numbered Hallmarked
Chiropractic Dollar this is Number 1 of 250

3 piece set
The above photo is of a 3 piece set it has a
General Issue , Hallmarked & Numbered Hallmarked
with certificates of authenticity.